Will members of the GOP fight against a possible Donald Trump presidential nomination? Republican First Congressional District candidate Tom Casperson of Escanaba talked about it Tuesday with the Radio Results Network.

“My hope is that we don’t do that as a party,” Casperson said. “I hope that they sit down and work this thing out in the end, because a brokered convention, in my opinion, will be divisive, and it will split us, versus unite us.”

Casperson is also concerned that if Trump is the nominee, some Republicans will simply not vote in November, which could hurt his own chances against a Democrat locally. But, he says it’s up to him to prove to people that he deserves their vote.

“I think that for most of us that are running, we better have our own message,” Casperson said. “It’s our job to reach out and get people to come out and support us. I think it really falls on our shoulders.”

Casperson has a message for Republicans who are considering not voting at all if Trump is the party’s nominee against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“We need to be united right now,” Casperson said, “because we cannot handle this country cannot handle four more years of President Obama’s policies. And, that’s what we’re gonna get if the other side gets in.”

Casperson is a two-term Michigan Senator, and former three-term member of the Michigan House. He is running against former eastern U.P. Senator Jason Allen in the August primary election. Current Republican Congressman, Doctor Dan Benishek R-Iron River, is retiring and is not running for re-election.