Upper Peninsula State Senator Ed McBroom says he’s frustrated with the conversation about auto insurance reform in Lansing. Both the House and Senate passed versions of reforms that promise to lower premiums, but Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said they’re not good enough and has threatened to veto.

McBroom tells the Radio Results Network that there MUST be a change to the current no-fault system, which offers unlimited lifetime health benefits to people who are hurt in crashes.

“If you don’t give people choices that are less than unlimited coverage, you can’t cut rates,” McBroom (R-Norway) told RRN News. “And if you’re going to say that we have to get rid of zip codes, that means all of us here get to eat the cost that Detroit is paying right now. So, they could save some money, but those of us up here won’t save any money because they’ll just move that $3,000, $4,000, per average policy cost, up here.”

McBroom says what’s really going on is people are digging in their heels to protect the status quo, while talking publically about wanting to make reforms.

“We need to do something dramatic,” McBroom said. “We need real reform. All these folks who are fighting for the status quo, and are now kind of coming to the table, saying, ‘well, I’d accept this that or that’, it’ like, OK, but that doesn’t really end the current cost-drivers in the system.”

McBroom says that more than 80-percent of the Michigan public wants the auto insurance system either scrapped entirely, or drastically redone.