Seniors ‘Spread Goodness’ by baking cookies for first responders


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — The smell of fresh cookies exiting a hot oven.

Lovely laughs from ladies who are making sunshine out of a rainy day, residents of Brookridge Heights have gathered together to show their appreciation for those first responders who are there when they need them.

“With Spread Goodness Day happening tomorrow, we started asking our residents what they might want to do to spread goodness this year and we took a poll and some of their ideas that had come along all seem to center around our first responders on what we can do for them,” said Lindsay Hemmila, Director of Sales & Marketing, Brookridge Heights.

“So, we were able to find sunshine and sunglass cookie cutters, so that’s the theme of Spread Goodness Day, so that’s what we are doing today is making some sunshine and sunglass cookies and those are what we will deliver tomorrow on Spread Goodness Day to our emergency responders.”

The Brookridge residents discussed many options for what to do for Spread Goodness Day, but every answer they provided went back to thanking Marquette’s emergency first responders.

“So they are our heroes in the community, there is no doubt, it’s the best way to characterize it and I think they know that,” said Brian Gaudreau, Director of Memory Support, Brookridge Heights.

“They’ve felt the impact of that, they trust them and I think that’s the major part of that, to be honest with you. We have a lot of discussions about when we look at, especially in Memory Support, we talk about going back in time and reminiscing and different jobs and you got back to the military and all of the different things they connect with, those are the first things they connect with.”

Being far from their families, these ladies showed to be having a good time together.

A chance for them to enjoy each other’s company while making dozens and dozens of cookies like the good ole’ days.

“I think that activities such as this really make our residents feel that they are at home. This is the things they would do at home, bake cookies in their kitchen, frost, decorate with other family and friends, so for us to surround our residents today here with some of our staff members as well as volunteers as well as some of their family members, it just makes them feel like they are in their home and that’s what a community like Brookridge Heights is meant to do,” said Hemmila.

The Brookridge Heights staff will be dropping these cookies off tomorrow morning for the 3rd street fire station, the City of Marquette police station, and then make a final stop at the ER for the emergency room staff.

Tune in tomorrow to watch the cookies being dropped off to the local first responders on Local 3 News at 6 pm EST / 5 pm CST.

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