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ISHPEMING– After experiencing paranormal activity in her home, Trish Kautz took it upon herself to investigate what was going on. Her sister Kelly Carlson joined and their service is now known as ‘Yooper Paranormal’. With some help from family and friends the two travel to places that people believe could be haunted free of charge.

The sisters were at the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library tonight showing people some of things they have experienced as paranormal investigators and that it’s not what you see in the movies.

Kelly Carlson, paranormal investigator says, “They just want your attention. They want to tell you something. They want tot move something and let you know that they’re there. We’ve been touched before, that doesn’t bother us. I’ve been pinched, that didn’t bother me. It freaked me out a little bit, but was like wow, okay. That actually happened. It’s nothing that anybody needs to be afraid of. Those movies, don’t go by the movies.”

The sisters use different devices to track paranormal activity. The most common is an EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon recorder, that records when a spirit answers someone.