MENOMINEE, Mich. (WJMN) – Menominee County 911 says that wireless carriers have begun decommissioning 3G networks in the county.

This means that 3G devices will no longer work even for calling 9-1-1. Older 3G models of Tracfones, flip phones, Jitterbugs etc… will begin to fail sooner rather than later according to Menominee County 911.

To check if a deactivated, 9-1-1 only phone is affected, check the phone’s IMEI serial number displayed in the phone’s “About” tab. Pressing*#06# on a phone’s keypad may also show the IMEI. Enter the resulting number at for details on the device and cellular network that it is set up for.

You can learn more about AT&T and Verizon’s plans to end 3G service on their websites.

Menominee County is asking that everyone check their device and help loved ones to ensure connection with each other and the ability to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.