NIAGARA, Wisc. (WJMN) – Some of the best of the best high school musicians from the Upper Peninsula and parts of Wisconsin met on Friday for the 17th annual Menominee River Conference Honors Band weekend.

“So we have students from 11 different schools around the U.P. and Wisconsin who have got together today,” said Craig Recla, Band Director, Iron Mountain Public Schools. “It’s kind of an all-star group, a select group of the best of each school who are coming together to rehearse some music and put together a concert and then perform that. They also have Michael Sweeney who is a household name among the band industry as one of the top composers today and clinicians and directors so we’re really happy to have him here working with those kids.”

The students practice for about four hours on Friday, followed by eight hours on the Saturday and finish it off with a concert later on Saturday.

“Yeah, I think it’s a really good thing for them to be able to come together and work with all different kids from different schools,” said Recla. “Many of them have never met before. I think in a lot of high schools there’s a lot of rivalries that go on, friendly competition but it’s nice that they can come together and meet and work in a short period of time, put together a concert and have a really good sound with kids that they might not even have known yesterday.”

“Hearing the music come together, even though we’ve only been working on it for like three hours now, it’s surreal,” said Myles Mundy, honors band student, Iron Mountain Public Schools.

The concert is at 4:00 p.m. CST on Saturday, January 15 in the Niagra High School Auditorium.

“It is open to the public and we encourage everyone to come out,” said Recla. “I’m telling you, this is a top level event that you don’t see in our area everyday and I guarantee you, you will really enjoy this concert so come on out and support these kids that are working hard and also have a really enjoyable afternoon.”