DELTA COUNTY, Mich., (WJMN) – Delta Animal Shelter assisted in transporting 134 dogs and 18 horses to safe locations for treatment. The horses are staying at a boarding facility where they will be treated by a veterinarian. The shelter is taking care of all the dogs, ensuring that they will get appropriate medical care.

“They were in deplorable condition, it was heartbreaking terrible. It was unsanitary, they were covered in feces they were matted they had no food no water it was just gross,” said Gartland. “Almost all the females that we have here in house either have babies, are pregnant, or it looks like they recently weaned puppies that were most probably sold.”

Volunteers, shelter staff and veterinarians helped to give each dog vaccinations, wound treatment, deworming medication and a flea treatment. They will be evaluated for any other medical needs as well. Gartland says they estimate that each dog will need $300 to $400 for necessary medical care and grooming costs.

“The biggest way to help us right now is financial donations, this is overwhelming and the money used goes right towards getting them medically cleared, it will go towards spay and neutering them all,” said Gartland. “They will never breed again, they will never breed again and that money will help ensure that.”

Gartland says people should do their research if they are buying from a breeder.

“This is classic backyard breeding, there is no way that they were selling these puppies from where mom and, well mom was kept,” said Gartland. “If you are not seeing mom and dad first hand that should be a red flag that it is not a reputable breeder.”

None of the dogs or puppies are available for interacting with the public or adoption yet. Gartland says they all must get a medical clearance first. There is also an investigation into the situation that may require the dogs to be kept in the shelter for some time.

“Things will change and we will communicate with the public, this is a community shelter and these are their animals, these are the animals they support,” said Gartland. “As things progress we will communicate that as much as possible.”

Delta Animal Shelter will work with a veterinarian to make sure each dog that needs care has a treatment plan.

“We are committed to every animal here so whatever needs to happen in that treatment plan, it will happen,” said Gartland.

For more information on how to donate to the Delta Animal Shelter Facebook page. The organization has already raised $66,000 toward care for the animals.

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