DELTA COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) – The Delta Animal Shelter announced on Wednesday that they have started a spay/neuter project to ensure dogs rescued during a 2020 puppy mill investigation are never used to make puppies for profit.

The shelter shared to its Facebook page that as the dogs are prepared and ready for adoption, they will share them on the social media account. They expect the entire process to take several weeks.

The number of animals rescued during the investigation ballooned from 134 to 216 as many of the dogs were pregnant. The number also includes a number of horses rescued as well.

The horse are being blood tested and cared for before they can find new homes.

Earlier this week, the Delta County Prosecutor’s Office (DCPO) filed legal documents to allow the animals seized during a 2020 puppy mill investigation to now be adopted.

The DCPO filed a civil forfeiture in the 94th District court against Rebecca Johnson who faces criminal charges for animal abandoning and cruelty. The legal action was taken to remove ownership rights of the animals from Johnson. During Monday’s hearing, Rebecca Johnson agreed to give up her rights to the animals.