ESCANABA, Mich. (WJMN) – The Escanaba City Council approved Thursday night on Ordinance No. 1269 which would authorize and regulate medical and recreational, adult-use marijuana businesses.

City Manager Patrick Jordan said in this ordinance, businesses would not be able to open within 750 of a school. There would also be specific guidelines for how close they open to homes within the city.

“There’s a hundred foot restriction on a single family residence. Say Ludington Street, across the alley, there are homes. But the planning commission adopted to exempt the zoning district E-3 from that 100 foot restriction. E-3 is primarily just the downtown DDA area. They’ll be exempted from the restriction, but it still applies everywhere else in the city,” said Jordan.

In an amendment of the ordinance, the council voted on Monday, October 3 as the date to have applications up and running.

Thursday’s meeting can be seen here:

Regular City Council Meeting Thursday September, 15, 2022 – YouTube