MENOMINEE, Mich. (WJMN) — A Michigan man has pleaded no contest to charges related to a 911 call where he allegedly told dispatchers he was going to kill several state officials.

Word of that plea came Thursday. 60-year-old James Toepler first made the call in June of 2021, when he threatened the lives of Governor Whitmer, Secretary of State Benson, and others. Attorney General Dana Nessel released a statement, saying:

This is not protected speech, but an attempt to terrorize and intimidate. Elected officials should not face death threats for merely doing their jobs. The Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism Unit of my office will continue to prosecute threats against public officials whenever they occur.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

The judge overseeing the case has allowed a plea deal made between the prosecutor and Toepler’s lawyer to sentence him to a specialized mental health treatment court.

FL man makes threats outside Menominee Co. Courthouse

We’re hearing for the first time from the man who reported a threat against the Menominee County prosecutor’s life, right outside his place of work.

That happened just over a week ago right outside the doors of the Menominee County courthouse. Nicholas Flanigan tells us he was stopping by to pick up some paperwork when a man confronted him before he could get inside the building.

When I pulled up he immediately approached me before I even got out of my car and said ‘they took everything from me!’ All I said was ‘yeah, me too man,’ and he said ‘I’m here to seek my revenge,’ gestured over to where Jeff Rogg normally parks and said ‘I’m here to shoot Rogg between the eyes, and then I’m going to go in and shoot everyone else.’ I immediately knew I couldn’t let that happen.

Nicholas Flanagan, good Samaritan

While Flanigan went inside to report the threat to a nearby officer, the man prosecutor Rogg identified as 53-year-old Michael Egan fled in his truck only to be arrested a short time later by police. Egan now stands charged with threats of terrorism – a felony that could carry a 20 year sentence. In a recent release Rogg commented on the situation, saying:

This is a serious charge based on serious threats. Anyone who threatens or tries to intimidate government officials will be held accountable. My office will continue to respond aggressively to these types of threats whenever they occur.

Jeff Rogg, Menominee County Prosecutor

At the time of the threat Egan was out on bond for a July 26th incident, where he’s accused of reckless driving and running from the police.