KINGSFORD, Mich. (WJMN) – Ford Airport played host to a vintage World War II bomber on Friday, giving free flights to veterans.

About 30 veterans from across the U.P. were honored. The veterans were treated to a ride in an authentic World War II B-35. The visit of the “Berlin Express” was put on by the Experimental Aircraft Association as way of thanking veterans for their service.

After a short safety briefing, it was all aboard for a once in a lifetime experience. Once in the air, the veterans were treated to a 25 minute flight over the Iron Mountain area.

“Just wonderful to be on a piece of history,” said veteran, Rick Severson. “Just flying on a piece of history. The history of this aircraft is just amazing. Beginning of World War II, just very impressive.”

“It was super fantastic,” said Denny Olson, veteran. “I wouldn’t have dreamed of 55 years after I would be flying on a this plane having this experience.”

The EAA flies across the country honoring veterans with flights into the past.