Iron Mountain City Council unanimously approves Pewabic Hill Trail Project

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IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WJMN) The Iron Mountain City Council unanimously voted to pass the resolutions needed to finalize the application for the expansion and improvement of the Pewabic Hill Trail System. This trail system would convert the city-wide trail system into an Upper Peninsula-wide trail system. With the total price of the plan costing near $250,000, City Manager, Jordan Stanchina spoke at the meeting Monday night about how exactly the city is looking to contribute the needed $76,000 to qualify for the grant. All $76,000 does not need to be cash though. The funds can be made up of a combination of cash, materials, equipment, and labor.

“The resolution is there shows a total project of $262,200,” said Stanchina. “The city will be pledging $15,000 in contributions for site development, parking lots, and other amenities. So we will contribute through our employees, some of that work and then the other part of that is the cash donation.”

The Dickinson Trail Network has been working for several months with the council in order to sponsor the organization. Together the two have also been working on the grant application. If the funds were approved, the grant would come from the State’s National Resources Trust Fund. With the passing of the resolutions and the application on Monday night by the city council, Stanchina will submit the application for the grant on April 1st.

Part of the application process is letters of support from people in the community. If you are interested in submitting a letter of support you can address those letters to Grants Management staff or the MNRTF Board and email the signed letters to

To find out more about the Pewabic Hill Trail System, click here

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