Michigan State Police Post in Gladstone warns of phone scams

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Michigan State Police Post in Gladstone says they have received complaints of a scam call telling the person who answers that they have won a contest but that they must send money to receive the bigger cash prize.

The scammer is pretending to represent Publisher’s Clearing House and claiming that you have won $850,000 but they must send $8,500 in to claim the prize. If you say that you cannot afford the money, then the caller will try to negotiate a price.

They will advise that they can’t take the amount out of the winnings and that you must go to Walmart or Meijer to purchase gift cards to make the payment. The Michigan State Police advise that this is a scam. If you did not enter any contests or purchase lottery or raffle tickets, then you did not win any money, cars or houses. The amounts advised by the scam caller may vary from call to call.

Scammers may also make threats of coming to your home with the U.S. Marshalls if the money is not sent to them. The Michigan State Police advise people to make others aware of the scam, especially elderly family members.

Additional scam calls that are being reported include an automated call advising that you have a warrant for your arrest and “law enforcement” soliciting money. The Michigan State Police say that numbers that show up on the caller id are spoofed and cannot be tracked.

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