FELCH, Mich. (WJMN) – Voters in North Dickinson County School communities will see a millage proposal on their ballots this August. A 2 mil tax proposal for a sinking fund for North Dickinson County School will be on the ballot for the North Dickinson County School communities. This sinking fund will go towards building improvements, security, and technology at the school.

“In the past, we’ve recently put a new roof on the school, we had a roof project last summer,” said Angel Inglese, the Superintendent of North Dickinson County School. “We’re, this fall, we are going to be fixing our wood boiler, that’s past sinking funds. This new sinking fund will also be used for building improvements. We have a carpet and tile replacement program. Our school is 51 years old. Some of the original pipes are still in the building. The sinking fund will be used to replace some of the pipes that are starting to get worn and need replacement”

Anything else the school needs to use the sinking fund for will go through a facility committee that makes a list of important projects to improve the school.

“It’s important so that we can upkeep our buildings,” said Inglese. “Like I said, our building is 51 years old, and people come into our building and say, ‘Wow, what a nice building!’ You wouldn’t think that it’s as old as it is, and that’s because of that sinking fund because we are able to do improvements and to keep it up.”

The sinking fund cannot be used for salaries, benefits, or general operating. It will only be used for building improvements, safety, and technology.