KINGSFORD, Mich. (WJMN) – TRICO Opportunities, Inc. was founded in 1968 by local parents and citizens who saw a need to open employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Today, TRICO annually serves approximately 100 Program Participants across Dickinson and Iron Counties and in Florence and Marinette Counties in Wisconsin.

“We have everything from skill-building to job development,” said Sarah Suchovsky, Vocational Services Program manager. “So, our skill-building program is for people who have more significant disabilities. It helps teach them soft skills that they need to help maintain employment in the community. We have a youth services program that works with students to help them transition to employment after school or secondary education. And we have job development, which works with people directly to connect them with employers in the community.”

Through these vocational rehabilitation services, its TRICO’s mission to help these people become more independent and self-reliant. One of those services is TRICO’s recycling center, which recycles magazines, newspapers, office paper, junk mail, both soft and hardcover books, and cardboard. Production Manager Pete Rossato said working with these individuals is very rewarding.

“It’s something that I’ve been doing for 32 years and I do enjoy it very much. It’s one of those things that if you like coming to your job every day, it’s not really a job. So, that’s kind of where I feel about it,” said Rossato.

Zach Beauchamp, or the Cardboard King as some people call him, has been working in TRICO’s recycling center for three years. Working at TRICO is helping him save up for college so he can pursue his dream in the performing arts.

“My position is mostly doing cardboard. People call me a cardboard king ever since I’m very good at cardboard master in this facility […] I’m very grateful that every supervisor, every person is here with me and to help me get a good life and start a good life as well. It’s also here for people with disabilities to start their lives as well if they have nowhere to go,” said Beauchamp.

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