Spreading goodness throughout the U.P. on the first “Spread Goodness Day”

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MARQUETTE — Groups and businesses all over the U.P. are in the giving mood – and that’s because it’s the first ever Spread Goodness Day. 

Thought up by Anna Dravland of Marquette, today’s the day dedicated to paying it forward.

Spreading the goodness kicked of this morning at Brookridge Heights with a free pancake breakfast.

Neal Crothers, Executive Director at Brookridge Heights, explained, “It is designed to honor our EMS, our fire department, our police department. They work with us, they’re in our community everyday. It’s our opportunity to reach out to them, embrace them, provide a nice pancake breakfast, and all the ammenities that go with it.”

Meanwhile, SuperOne Foods in Marquette was also spreading goodness by donating a five dollar bag of groceries for every fifty dollars spent by customers.

Mike Lavigne, store manager at Super One in Marquette, added, “We felt that it was a great opportunity to move forward with this. Very very overwhelming, just the amount of businesses that really turned up today for Spread Goodness Day. We’re just glad we can be a part of it.”

Check out the details of Spread Goodness Day by clicking here.

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