Stabenow speaks on PFAS and water quality standards


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UPPER PENINSULA– PFAS, a harmful chemical used in firefighting foam and manufacturing has formed into ground water specifically near Air Force bases. U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow says there is a study that she’s been able to get funded.

“So that we can find out exactly how much we should be worried? What are the impacts? That’s number one,” said Stabenow. “There’s clean-up that needs to be going on. That’s number two. A lot of this is on closed bases like Sawyer where we have people who served on the base now as veterans who have been exposed.” 

Stabenow says that new legislation will have the VA cover any health risks that have been identified because of PFAS. She says when is comes to PFAS, support has been bipartisan. The Trump Administration lowering the EPA water quality standards is not.

“Which is exactly the opposite direction of which we ought to be doing and so I’ve spoken out against that,” said Stabenow. “We need high standards that fit the health risks involved and then we need to be about cleaning up and doing all that we need to do for PFAS.”

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