Storms and strong winds across the U.P. Monday night, Tuesday morning


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UPPER PENINSULA– The National Weather Service of Marquette says they were aware of the potential of the thunderstorms that came into fruition. The western end of the U.P. was hit the hardest. 

“Around Ironwood we had several trees that were blown down,” said Matt Zika, Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Marquette. “But there were areas around Ironwood that saw two to three inches of rain in a relatively short amount of time. that let to some street flooding in the Ironwood area.”

The Keweenaw Peninsula saw the most damage with what is estimated up to 80 mph winds. This led to powers outages in the area.

“We did receive numerous pictures and videos of what appeared to be funnel clouds around the Houghton area, especially near the high school in Houghton,” said Zika. “And also around L’Anse and those areas there were several pictures of what appeared to be a funnel clouds. And most of the videos, it truly is inconclusive to say though.”

Zika says it’s probable that they were funnel clouds but they can’t confirm it. He says it was definitely not a tornado, as it didn’t touch the ground. This time of year is a transition period from summer to fall where we might see more storms like this one.

“We’re getting to where we’ll see some more substantial pushes of cooler air into the upper Great Lakes,” said Zika. “And a lot of times, if it’s become mild and very warm for a few days prior to those surges, the conditions and often favorable to have a round a showers and thunderstorms to accompany the air mass change.”

Zika says the best thing to do to prepare for a storm is to stay aware of what kind of weather is coming to your area.

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