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MUNISING -This is the third cross country bike trip for Green Riders founder Rob Greenfield. The first two times he made the trek alone, doing good deeds along the way.

 “This summer I wanted to see if people would want to join,” said Greenfield. “So I put it out there and now there’s about 30 of us biking across the United States just trying to leave each place a little bit better than we found it.”

30 strangers met and left on Memorial Day from Central Park in New York City, heading to Seattle Washington. That’s over 3,000 miles on bike, helping people all along the way. They’ve built gardens, planted trees and picked up plenty of trash says unofficial group photographer Adam Fenton.

“We try to pick up at least ten pieces of trash along the highway every day while we’re biking,” he said. “Or if we come across someone who is working in the yard and they look like they could use some help, we try and pull some people together and help them out and make their day a little bit better.”

Today they were in Munising, picking up trash and helping out at the Munising High School Hoop House. For a community pushing to be more eco-friendly, today was a big boost says Vick Ballas an MSU Extension employee and member of the Alger Action Group and Munising Ecotourism/Recycle Coalitions.

“We thought, ‘What a great opportunity to have the Green Riders come and really help us get the word out to the community and kind of just start the ball rolling and then we’ll take it from here,'” she said.

The Green Riders goals go beyond just their daily contributions to what ever area they’re riding or resting in. 

Said Fenton, “We hope to just make the world a little bit better of a place. Everywhere we go people’s days seemed to be brightened by people wanting to take time out of their hectic lifestyle to volunteer and help others out for nothing in return.”

Greenfield added, “Ultimately, the goal is, by doing that ourselves, is to inspire other people who see us doing that to do that themselves and just spread a movement of positivity.”

The Green Riders will head to Marquette tomorrow before continuing west towards Seattle, with the goal of making it there by mid-August, spreading their message the entire way.