Thank a teacher from home for National Teacher Appreciation week

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UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — Monday started National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Everyone at Local 3, along with millions of others, want to thank all the educators who keep going year-in and year-out.

“Well, it starts with having a huge heart and I think all of our teachers have a big heart for students,” said William Saunders, Superintendent, Marquette Area Public Schools.

“They want to see students be successful and their willing to do just about anything it takes to make those students successful. Teachers are extremely giving, they give themselves up all the time, buying their own supplies, doing different things to connect with students, to spark students.”

“I always say the most important thing in a school is the teacher-student interaction,” said Anders Hill, Principal, Houghton Elementary School.

“That interaction between that adult in the classroom and that kid is by far the most important thing, you could have beautiful buildings and you can have great sports programs and you can have all of these wonderful things, but that interaction between a teacher and the student in the classroom is the most important factor.”

“I think a great teacher, first and foremost, has a passion for working with kids. You really, really have to just enjoy working with kids,” said Doctor Cobey Fletcher, Superintendent, Escanaba Area Public Schools.

“Then, the second thing that makes a teacher is that they themselves have a love of learning that they can pass on to kids, I think the final thing is that the teacher has to know their stuff. It’s an art, it’s a craft, it’s a science, and in that sense, it’s kind of a difficult thing to master, and when you have a person who can do all of those things, I think you have a really, really good teacher and I’m proud to say we have a bunch of them.”

National Teacher Appreciation Week concludes Friday, so if possible, reach out to those who are or have educated past and present generations.

We would love to see the communities support, so send in your notes, photos, videos, and we’ll share them below.

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