The Fire Station offering home delivery for their medical and recreational patients

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NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJMN) — With everyone staying at home due to social distancing, there’s one industry that’s kept business going during the coronavirus pandemic, the Marijuana industry.

The Fire Station Marijuana Dispensary opened in December and has drawn a lot of patients in. Both a medical and recreational facility, the owner of the Fire Station said that they are excited to now offer a home delivery option amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Currently, the Fire Station is offering Recreational and Medical home delivery to Marquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming, and some of the surrounding area,” said Stosh Wasik, Owner of the Fire Station Dispensary.

“We plan to expand our delivery radius as quickly as we can and also expand our fleet, so we can have more drivers on, and there is less of a wait time to actually be able to get the products to our customers, but we are happy to even offer home delivery at this time.”

The Fire Station thought of a home delivery option for their customers when they first open, but were laying out a plan within the past few months.

“The stars aligned when all this going on, we have been working diligently on a home delivery plan for the past two months and it just so happens that we got our approval as everything was happening,” said Wasik.

“It’s not as easy as us saying, ‘we’re going to have home delivery,’ we have to have a whole plan and be completely prepared and execute any number of things that could happen on the road. We were excited to be able to finally launch this, but the timing is also very nice as well.”

The Fire Station staff are taking every precaution to ensure they keep their facilities clean and safe for customers.

“We’ve been enforcing our social distancing. 6 feet in between us and our customers, increasing our sanitary precautions, like cleaning the building several times a day, cleaning in between customer transactions, trying to enforce social distancing in our building as well,” said Wasik.

“I know our building is not very large, but we still have several compartments of it, so we try to keep our employees out and as far away from each other as we can, all while, still trying to be able to service our customers.”

The Fire Station is offering free delivery for the first 20 medical and the first 20 recreational deliveries, along with the Fire Station gift and goody bags.

“We have seen somewhat of a change to lower sales, but nothing crazy. It’s still been extremely consistent. Now that most people are quarantined and their stuck at home all day, what better thing to do then come up to the Fire Station and get your bear pack of gummies to pass the time.”

Wasik said they have been able to lower their prices during the pandemic.

“We’ve seen a lot of wholesalers decrease their prices due to the COVID-19 and so, it’s given us the ability to offer our customers cheaper prices, which is exciting and our menu reflects that,” said Wasik.

Physicians who prescribe Marijuana have still been able to provide patients with the proper medical or recreational prescription from the comfort of their home, such as Alternative Solutions Plus in Petoskey.

They aren’t the only option for medical or recreational marijuana in Negaunee Township. Just down US-41, The Lume Cannabis Company opened it’s doors on Friday, but are only offering drive-up services.

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