The future of energy in the U.P.

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ESCANABA — The Michigan Public Service Commission was in the U.P. today for a public forum.

It gave the company and people in attendance the chance to discuss the future of energy use.

Some people from the Upper Peninsula talked about the high prices of their monthly energy bills. Plus, they heard about UPPCO’s integrated resource plan.

Sally Talberg, Chairman of the Michigan Public Service Commission said, “These integrated resource plans are a new requirement that the commission is implementing based on laws that were passed in 2016 and the impetus behind that was to be able to have a more affordable, reliable energy that’s protective of the environment.”

The Commission is reviewing UPPCO’s integrated resource plan and must ultimately vote on whether to approve or reject it or send it back to UPPCO to change it. It’s UPPCO’s plan, not the Commission’s plan. 

UPPCO is looking at a few options for the future of energy, from increased investments in energy efficiency to a new generation of solar power and natural gases.

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