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Baraga — Since 1993, the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community has been making bi-annual payments from gaming proceeds of their casinos to local units of government and to the State of Michigan. 

These payments are 2% and 8% respectively and are derived from the net win from all Class III electronic games of chance commonly known as slot machines. 

The two-percent (2%) payments are made each May and November. 

Local units of government may make request throughout the year. 

To receive an award the entity must first make a request in writing. 

For the period of October 1, 2018, through March 31, 2019, the total to be distributed to local units of government in Baraga County, which was derived from the Ojibwa Casino Resort-Baraga, was $111,738.21. 

The payments approved by Tribal Council for this distribution are as follows: 

    $743.10     Baraga County                                                                                                                 

$37,011.51    Baraga Area Schools                                                                                                    

$32,384.21    Baraga Township/Bay Ambulance                                                                                         

$19,520.42    Village of Baraga/Baraga Fire Department                                                                        

$18,472.49    L’Anse Area Schools                                                                                                     

  $2,082.20    L’Anse Township                                                                                                           

 $1,524.28     Village of L’Anse                                                                                                                      

Distributions totaling $151,299.13 were made to local units of government in Marquette County that were derived from the Ojibwa Casino- Marquette for the same period as follows: 

 $3,229.56     City of Marquette/U.P. Children’s Museum                                                                       

$76,000.00    Chocolay Township/Water Tower, Fire, Police, PW                                                           

$33,229.57    Marquette County/ SWP, RSVP                                                                                     

 $2,500.00     Forsyth Township/ T.E.A.M                                                                                             

$27,314.00    Marquette Township/Fire Dept.                                                                                       

 $4,026.00     Powell Township/Bay Cliff Health Camp                                                                             

 $5,000.00     Sands Township/Fire Dept.                                        

Eight percent (8%) payments are made to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. 

The May of 2019 distribution for the Ojibwa Casino Resort- Baraga totaled $446,952.76 and $605,196.50 for the Ojibwa Casino-Marquette. 

The next cycle of awards will be made in November 2019. Local units of government within Baraga or Marquette counties may apply. Written request received before September 30. 2019 will be considered. 

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