Time lapse of helicopter loaded into Antonov An-124

Local News

MARQUETTE – It turns out that there are quite a few aviation buffs in the Upper Peninsula, with a big crowd turning out on a cold day yesterday to see the Antonov An-124 at Sawyer International Airport Wednesday.

Local 3 News put together a time lapse video of the South Korean helicopter, recently involved in a project on aircraft de-icing testing in the U.P.,being loaded into the An-124’s cargo bay.

While you can look up plenty of fun facts about the plane, you might find it interesting that:
   — Its onboard overhead crane can lift up to 30 tonnes of cargo, and items up to 120 tonnes can be winched on board, including a helicopter! 
   — The cargo compartment can hold about 15% more than the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy.
   — The an-124 is about 20 feet shorter than the C-5, but its wingspan is 17 feet wider.

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