Two people share their personal experiences with abortion


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MICHIGAN — Previously, Local 3 brought you the perspective of pro-life groups fighting to ban abortion in Michigan. You can find that story here. Today, we will bring you two personal stories from people who are pro-choice.

It’s a difficult decision for any woman…what to do when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Some Michigan pro-life groups are working to get a bill passed that would ban abortion.

“There is no reason why a child’s life should end because the mother finds herself in a crisis pregnancy,” says Genevieve Marnon of Right to Life of Michigan.

But for pro-choice supporters, they feel it should be the woman’s choice, no matter what. One woman we spoke to was just nineteen and in a bad relationship.

“Emotionally and mentally controlling and it wasn’t a good…good relationship,” says the woman, whose identity we protected for her privacy and safety.

Even though she was on the birth control pill, she got pregnant. Something she was not equipped to handle, given her home life.

“There was a lot of drugs and a lot of violence. So I struggled with, you know, do I bring a child into that environment? Do I try to go out on my own,” she continues.

She struggled with the decision for weeks. 

“I had always wanted to be a mom. Like forever and ever and ever, that was the only thing I wanted to do, but it just felt like at that time that is just wasn’t really possible,” she says.

She chose to go downstate to have a friend’s mom, an OBGYN, do the procedure. A decision she doesn’t regret but says she did not take lightly.

“It’s just not an easy decision,” she adds.

We also spoke with a man who was engaged to be married. Just six months away from the wedding when his fiance found out she was pregnant.

“Her parents would have freaked out had they known we had a kid on the way, out of wedlock, and we had the discussion ‘what do you we do?’ We could have the child but are we ready to give it what it really needs,” says the man, whose identity is also protected. “This was a tough choice because I’m with the person I was planning on being with for the rest of my life and we’re planning on kids.”

But they knew they couldn’t support the child. So, they chose to have an abortion. Later, when his wife got pregnant again she miscarried. Something they thought was an effect from the abortion.

“We beat ourselves up pretty good over that.”

But their doctor assured them that wasn’t the case and just a month after the miscarriage, they were pregnant again. They went on to have 3 children.

After his experience, he says no one should assume abortion is an easy choice. 

“They don’t know what the woman goes through emotionally, physically, psychologically…they have no concept how tough that is unless you’ve been involved with that choice,” he says.

Both people we spoke with were strong in their belief that women should have the choice when it comes to her pregnancy and her body.


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