U.P. Honor Flight Mission XVIII postponed until end of September

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UPPER PENINSULA, Mich. (WJMN) — The May 20th lift off date for the 18th Upper Peninsula Honor Flight has been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everything has been postponed until September. We did not have any problems as far as money that’s been spent already. They were automatically shifted to September flight,” said Scott Knauf, President, Upper Peninsula Honor Flight.

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Earlier this month, the National Honor Flight Network announced that May trips would be suspended.

“Corporate did send out a e-mail saying that they decided that all the flights for April were canceled. At that point, our board were talking about the May flight and because that the pandemic is coming up here so much later, that’s when we decided that we better postpone the May flight, and then sure enough, we heard back from corporate saying all May flights were postponed also.”

This marks the first time the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight has been postponed.

“I hated doing it. We have some World War II veterans on this flight and they are up in their mid to late 90’s, so I’m hoping that they are able to go with us in September because they are still healthy.”

85 veterans were set to take flight for Mission 18.

This trip may be physically and mentally hard for veterans to take part in, but the experience is one no veteran should pass up.


“This is really life changing for these veterans. They don’t realize beforehand what it’s all going to be like and what’s going to be involved and it effects them more deeply then what we realize.”

The Upper Peninsula Honor Flight Mission 18 has been re-scheduled to take off on September 23rd.

It’s a one day trip. The Honor Flight flies out of Delta County Airport over Washington D.C. and will return later that night to Escanaba.

It ‘s completely free for veterans to enjoy. Veterans who served from 1941 to May 1975 are encourage to sign up for future flights.

If you would like to sign-up for a future Upper Peninsula Honor Flight Mission, click here.

U.P. Honor Flight: Mission XVII (09/18/19)

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