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U.P. veterans spend a day fishing through Trout Unlimited's 'Healing Water' program

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MARQUETTE COUNTY -- About 10 Jacobetti Home veterans had a change of scenery for a day of fly fishing on Lakenenland Ponds.

"Fly fishing, just that motion, is relaxing..." said Herb Grenke, chairperson of the Fred Waar Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

The special outing was made possible through a Trout Unlimited program called "Healing Waters", which is meant to get veterans out of the homes and out doing what they love.

Grenke added, "I believe it's a spiritual experience. I believe the beauty of nature, the awe that they feel for that, the solitude...we all need that, but particularly guys who have been in war."

Though this was the first outing through Trout Unlimited, most vets had plenty of experience under their belts.

When asked if this was his first time fly fishing, Richard Warner, a participating veteran, said, "Here it is yeah. I want to go back to the Soo and fly fish out on the lake. Then I might catch something."

And for others, it was a chance to share old memories....

Philip Golden, a Korean War Vet, explained, "I was always an outdoor person. That was something I always did. I had a fly rod that was real nice and I was a fly fisherman. Plus I was worm, and other stuff like that."

"I really enjoyed being able to listen to the stories from the veterans and here some of their memories from when they were fishing. I had somebody talking about how he used to catch a lot of brown trout and brook trout. And I had someone else saying how he was a really good fisherman back in the day. So, it was a lot of fun hearing those stories," said Trout Unlimited volunteer and veteran Mark Shevy.

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