Lake Superior Virtual Academy summer classes now registering

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FILE – In this Nov. 5, 2020, file photo, custodial workers clean a classroom at Richard A. Simpson Elementary School in Arnold, Mo. The school went to fully virtual learning on Monday, Nov. 2, after more than 5% of the staff and students tested positive for COVID-19. They will stay virtual until Monday, Nov. 16, after 10 work days. (Colter Peterson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP, File)

ONTONAGON, Mich. (WJMN) – Lake Superior Virtual Academy announced that registration for summer class is now open.

LSVA offers State of Michigan Accredited Virtual Courses taught by Certified Michigan Teachers. The program offers Virtual Credit Recovery Courses with the purpose of offering accessibility to classes and keeping students on track for graduation.

Director of LSVA academy, Dr. Gerald Pease said, “What we’re doing this summer is what’s called credit recovery courses. We’re offering to students in the G. O. I. S. D. the opportunity if they didn’t do well in their courses and maybe they didn’t earn the credits that they would like to have earned toward graduation. They can go to the school districts and sign up for remediation classes or otherwise known as credit recovery courses.”

The academy is offered for K-12 students. Students enrolled in four or more online classes still have the ability to participate in all school athletics and activities at the school the student is registered at. This program is a first in many ways, it offers a chance for education opportunities that aren’t always available in the Upper Peninsula.

Pease said, “for the first time in this side of the U. P. the students can take multiple ap courses, honors courses, regular ed courses, world languages, that we just cannot find teachers for to come to this side of the U. P. Real advanced math classes that we lack teachers in. There’s just a whole course set up for the courses and electives that we do not have certified teachers for. The nice thing about what we’re doing with the academy courses that all the courses are taught by certified Michigan teachers, and so there pretty much all of them are credit-bearing or as electives will fill a student schedule.”

The program is free to all students in the G. O. I. S. D. Anyone interested in registering can reach out to Dr. Pease.

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