Where is Jody Newberry? Part one

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ASHLAND COUNTY, WI./ BERGLAND, MI.– What was supposed to be a fun Memorial Day weekend for 54-year-old Jody Newberry of Ontonagon County, turned into a nightmare for her family.

“Her and her friend that she’s known for about 30 years were going to go to the Mellan Jam in Mellan, Wisconsin,” said Melodee Messersmith, Jody’s sister. “I took her there on a Thursday. Dropped her off… she was all excited to go with her buddy.”

That car ride about a year ago was the last time Melodee saw her sister, Jody.

“We had made a pact that if something were to go wrong, if she didn’t want to be there she was to call me and I would pick her up at the gas station and bring her home,” said Melodee.

Jody was suppose to return home on Sunday, May 27th.

“I had texted her Friday and asked if she made it and I got text back saying, ‘Yes, we did.’ I tried to call on Saturday just to check on her and no answer,” said Melodee. “Tried on Sunday, no answer. Tried on Monday. I was starting to get worried because she was suppose to be back Sunday. There was nothing her phone went right to voicemail.”

On Tuesday Melodee tried again. It rang a few times but no one answered. She called again and it went straight to voicemail.

“I went to the place, to the guys house that she had went with and he was there and I said, ‘Where is my sister?’ And he said, ‘Oh, didn’t you pick her up on Friday?’,” said Melodee.”

After that Melodee called the police and reported her missing.

“There’s been nothing,” said Melodee. “Not a trace. How can you disappear without a trace?”

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