Where is Jody Newberry? Part two


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ASHLAND COUNTY, WI/ BERGLAND, MI.– There have been few leads in the case of 54-year-old Jody Newberry. Her sister, Melodee Messersmith says the Bergland woman went to the Mellen Jam  a music festival in Mellen, Wisconsin and never came home.  

Melodee says the man she went to the music festival with keeps on changing the story on when he last saw Jody. In messages exchanged with Melodee on the Facebook Page she created, ‘Jody Lynn Newberry Where Are You?’ she explains that she dropped Jody off at man’s house and they were seen on camera at Walmart buying items. 

Melodee says at one point, the man said he was never at the festival but allegedy, there is a picture of the two of them there together. She goes on to say that the man then said he was at the festival with a couple of different variations of when the last time he saw Jody was.

“Deep down I think he knows something,” said Melodee. “Because at first he said she wasn’t with him and then I had a photo saying yeah she was there with you. And then he sais she was there with him and then the story has changed. I feel he hold the key.”

Melodee says the man has been questioned by police but nothing came out from that. At this point, the family is lost in the dark, desperate to know what happened leading to Jody’s disapearence.

“Jody, if you’re out there, we love you,” said Melodee. “We miss you terribly. Mom and Dad are gone now. You’re gone now, it’s only Rhoda and I. We need you. Your children need you. Your youngest daughter is going to graduate this year. You have brand new grand babbies that you haven’t seen. They want to be with you. We need you home. If somebody out there as her or knows of anything it’s time to come forward. We need to put closure to this. If it was your sister, child, daughter, you would want to know. It’s time to come forward and let us have peace.”

Jody is described as a white female with brown hair and brown eyes. She’s five feet, three inches, weighing 115 pounds. She has a nose skin tag, several missing teeth. She was last seen wearing glasses and a hodded sweatshirt.

Anyone with information on Jody’s wherabouts should call the Ashland, Wisconsin County Sheriff’s Office at 715-682-7023.


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