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MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Marquette Area Climate Health Adaptation Workshop was held today. This was the second of three workshops held to discuss climate and health in Marquette County as a part of the Center for Disease Control’s ‘Climate Ready States and Cities Initiative’. The workshops are a collaborative project involving organizations from across the state; including: Michigan State University Extension, the Marquette County Climate Adaptation Task Force, the Marquette County Health Department, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. 

The first meeting, held in November, allowed community members to speak about common issues they encounter. This included flooding, road access, ticks, fires, and extreme weather. Tonight’s meeting was held to give a variety of possible solutions to these common problems in the county.

Wayne Beyea, Senior Outreach Specialist at Michigan State University explained, “What we try to do is put together recommendations that address those priorities. We talked with over 20 different organizations over the past year and there seems to be consensus around those 4 to 5 issues. So we’re coming up with design solutions that address not only the climate aspects but also the health aspects.”

Marquette County was chosen to be a part of this project for good reason.

Beyea adds, “This county was selected because it has done a lot of hard work. There’s a lot of organizations that have already addressed some of the major issues. And the willingness of the citizens and organizations to actually work together to try and address this really important issue.”

Attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions on the solutions presented. The third and final workshop will be held sometime this summer.