Longtime owners sell Marquette Mountain


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – After 33 years of owning Marquette Mountain, Peter and Lois O’Dovero are parting ways with the popular ski hill.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the 330 acres have been sold to Eric and Sarah Jorgenson. The deal was in the works for over two years. Marquette Mountain first opened in 1957 under a different name called Cliff’s Ridge. The O’Dovero’s bought the business assets and surrounding property in 1987. Throughout the years, they have significantly invested in infrastructure and equipment.

Although a bittersweet parting, the new owners have “big plans in store.”

In a press release, Eric Jorgenson stated, “I am extremely excited for the opportunity that Marquette Mountain brings to the community and outdoor enthusiasts. I am especially thankful to the O’Dovero’s, for working with me positively in this transfer, including their fortitude over the last 33 years and recent improvements.”

Andrew Farron, general manager of Marquette Mountain, has been working closely with the Jorgenson’s the past few months. They are in agreement that the mountain has plenty of positive opportunities to provide the community.

“Whether it’s four seasons entertain year-round. Potentially a venue space for different events. And you know, more skiing, more visitors, more local communities coming out,” said Farron. “There’s a ton of opportunity to just get more involvement with NMU, more involvement with the locals and more people travelling up this way to enjoy not only the hill but Marquette and make it an awesome vacation destination.”

Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli, believes that the selling of the mountain will be beneficial to the city.

“It offers so many different opportunities for tourism and outdoor activities, and things of that nature. I’m very excited to be able to speak with the new owner and hear his plans or their plans on what they plan on what to do. I see nothing but positives to come out of it,” said Angeli.

The selling of the mountain also comes just in time, as Northern Michigan University prepares to start up an alpine ski team that will begin competing next fall.

“So a relationship with Marquette Mountain is very important. That will be their home training hill. And so we’re excited to build that as well and move forward with that new team,” said Derek Hall, chief marketing officer at NMU.

A “Welcome to the Ski Hill” party will be held for Jorgenson’s’ tonight to celebrate the new beginnings for the local skiing hot spot.

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