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SCHOOLCRAFT COUNTY — Manistique Public Safety, the Michigan State Police, and the Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department have received multiple complaints of someone impersonating a police officer in Schoolcraft County.

Investigators are asking that all people be on the lookout for a black car made to look like a police car. The car is reported to have at least one spotlight, a push bumper (similar to a deer guard on the grill), and dim red and blue flashing lights in the front windshield.

The driver of the vehicle is male and wears a homemade police uniform. If anyone sees the vehicle, do not make contact, please try to get a license plate number along with any other identifying information.

Please be aware that the Michigan State Police have several black “100 year Anniversary” patrol cars that are clearly marked Michigan State Police. Manistique Public Safety has two black patrol cars, one is an SUV and the other is a car. Both are clearly marked as police vehicles and have emergency lights on top of the vehicle.

The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department does not have any black patrol vehicles.

If anyone has any information on the identity of this person, please contact your local police department. If this vehicle tries to pull you over please call 911 immediately.

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