Man receives organ donation three times


When your own organs, like a kidney or your heart, fails you’re placed on a transplant list to receive a new one. 

But what happens when your transplanted heart fails you? 

Twenty-one-year-old Peyton Boling loves dressing up and giving a heart-stopping performance. 

But a disease he developed when he was a baby actually caused his heart to stop.

Melody Boling is Peyton’s mother. She says, “He had a massive heart attack when he was eight months old.” 

He was placed on the transplant list for a new heart and a year later, he got it.

Melody Boling says, “Then in the 4th grade, he developed a chronic rejection.” 

Peyton’s new heart was failing. He says, “It was very scary to know that my health was not in the best place.” 

Transplant hearts do not last as long as a person’s original heart. But with improving technology, the current average lifespan of a transplanted heart in kids is 20 years.

At age 21, Peyton ended up in the hospital and back on the transplant list. He got his second heart transplant.

Edith Newberry with Vanderbilt University Medical Center says, “It is very rare that you would get a chance at a second heart transplant.” 

Newberry was the nurse practitioner for Peyton’s first transplant 19 years ago. And she was there for his second one. 

Newberry says, “To see him as an adult have another opportunity at a heart transplant has been pretty amazing.” 

Peyton Boling says, “When I woke up from surgery, I was in pain, but I felt there was something I couldn’t describe. I just felt better.” 

Only about 12 percent of transplants worldwide are performed on children and about three to four percent of heart transplants are re-transplants.

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