MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — Students at Marquette Senior High School are another step closer to having a new mascot. School board members at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting said they wanted to move quickly to pick a new name, and that some opinions are already under consideration.

The board highlighted a few qualities they thought were important for the mascot to have, including its ability to represent something unique about the area, be sported by boys and girls teams, and for it to not represent a protected class.

Board president Kristen Cambensy also came prepared with few examples of potential names she saw circulating on social media: Reds, Big Reds, Red jackets, Ore Dockers, Raiders, Mariners, Red Rocks, Black Rocks, Red Hawks, Red Rangers, and Beacons, among others.

The decision process will likely be a 2-round process based on tonight’s discussion: the first an open survey to suggest names, then after narrowing them down, a final list would be sent out to the community.

Other topics discussed in Monday’s meeting included district enrollment numbers, the upcoming count day, and construction set to start on a building elevator. Cambensy says the mascot selection is just one issue of a number the district is working to solve.

“Mental health, budgets, and just making sure that you know our kids have enough to eat, and have warm clothes to come to school. This is just one thing that, as part of our district, we’re hoping we can find something that is inclusive, and that our entire student body can be proud of,” said Cambensy.

When a mascot survey does go out, we’ll have it easy for you right here and on air.