MARQUETTE — Nine candidates are running for two open Marquette City Commission seats.
The August 6th primary will narrow the field down to four candidates before the general election on November 5th, which will decide the new commissioners.

In preparation for elections, Local 3’s Korinne Griffith will be interviewing each of the candidates to learn more about their campaign and what they hope to accomplish by serving on the Marquette City Commission. This is the candidate profile of Margaret Brumm.

Born and raised in Marquette, Margaret Brumm is no stranger to the Marquette City Commission. In addition to attending every commission meeting, being a Marquette commissioner runs in her family.

“My grandfather Ike Brumm helped build the infrastructure of the city of Marquette. He served on the commission and he was mayor. My uncle Okie Brumm was also on the city commission,” explains Brumm.

Brumm says a common concern she hears from residents is Marquette being run as a tourist city rather than a city for the residents.

“There should be a balance so that we bring in tourists, who contribute so much to the economy,” says Brumm, “But there should also be a balance where the resident’s needs are heard and appreciated. We’re not just a tourist economy, we make products, we make information available, and we need to focus on our strengths as well as the beauty of the natural environment.”

One big project Brumm worked to accomplish was to make Marquette beaches more accessible.

Last year, a group Brumm is a part of worked together to raise funds for a beach accessible wheelchair for fellow member, Cheri Shible. After seeing how happy it made Cheri to be in Lake Superior, Brumm created a GoFundMe to purchase a beach accessible wheelchair for the city. Brumm, along with city leaders, are working to make the wheelchair available for those who need it.

“I got to see them wheel the wheelchair down the boardwalk at Lambros Park. The Fire Chief, Ian Davis, was there. He was planning out how they could make sure people could get in and out of the water. The head lifeguard was there planning on where they were going to keep the life jackets and we’ve got some bamboo mats,” explains Brumm. “It’s not the permanent fix, but it is the beginning, and by the fourth of July I hope to be able to say there’s a beach accessible wheelchair in Marquette.”

Cheri Shible using her beach accessible wheelchair for the first time.
Courtesy Margaret Brumm

Brumm is very involved in the Marquette City Commission currently. She attends every meeting in order to learn as much as she can about issues in the city. Recently, the commission voted to keep driving hours around Presque Isle the same but enforce a stricter parking ban; a move that Brumm supported.

“I took a lead in making sure people knew about that work session. So people showed up and basically told the commissioners how important it was to drive around the island,” says Brumm.

Another move made by the commission that Brumm supported was the decision to increase water and sewer rates in the city.

“It was absolutely critical that we invest in the infrastructure. My background is in chemical engineering, as I said at the commission meeting ‘you cannot negotiate with a broken pipe.’ And I’m pleased to report that Marquette’s system is viable,” continues Brumm.

In addition to running for city commission, Brumm serves on the local Wastewater Management Authority Board.

“There is nobody who cares more about keeping bad stuff out of our water system than the people who work at the wastewater plant,” adds Brumm.

When asked if there’s anything about her campaign that Brumm wants voters to know she had this to say:

“I’m not a traditional politician. I’m not as polished and as charming as some of my colleagues. Therefore, with me, you focus on the fact that I show up on time and prepared, that I care about everyone even if I don’t particularly like what you’re saying, I’m going to listen to what you’re saying…I listen to people…people want to be listened to,” says Brumm.

To find out more on Margaret Brumm’s campaign find her on Facebook.

We will continue to have profile pieces on all the Marquette City Commission candidates, pending their availability and willingness to participate. Stay tuned to Local 3 News for more.

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