Marquette City Commission candidate profile: Sally Davis


MARQUETTE — Nine candidates are running for two open Marquette City Commission seats. The August 6th primary will narrow the field down to four candidates before the general election on November 5th, which will decide the new commissioners.

In preparation for elections, Local 3’s Korinne Griffith will be interviewing each of the candidates to learn more about their campaign and what they hope to accomplish by serving on the Marquette City Commission. This is the candidate profile of Sally Davis.

Born and raised in Crytal Falls, Sally Davis left the U.P. before returning to settle in Marquette in 1978. Davis and her husband, Dave Campana, ran the Campus Pharmacy in Marquette for 19 years.

For more than 35 years Davis has worked and volunteered in the Marquette community. She previously served as President of the Rotary Club of Marquette and is still involved with Rotary at the district level. Now, she is running for an open seat on the Marquette City Commission.

“It’s a natural next step for me. I have spent a lot of years, in fact, since 1985 I have served on 15 non-profit boards in the local community and I have done a lot of volunteer work in the community,” says Davis. “I’m interested in the city issues and I feel that I have the skills and the proven leadership to make a difference in Marquette.”

Sally says one of the main issues she would focus on as a commissioner is the city’s budget.

“Our budget is very constrained with the tax tribunals and the increase in costs for staffing and other things. This year’s budget is two percent less than last year’s and next years is going to have to be decreased even more so because of our decreased tax revenue,” explains Sally.

Sally also spoke about vacant buildings in the city, including the old power plant in South Marquette.

She adds, “Hopefully in the future years the building will come down and it will turn into green space for the community.”

When asked a common issue brought up to her by Marquette residents, Sally points to lakeshore development.

“Everyone is worried about the lakeshore here in Marquette. The city of Marquette owns 10 miles of Lake Superior shoreline, 95 percent of that is open to the public. I don’t see that changing. I don’t see the residents tolerating anything less than that. I think that we’re going to be increasing that access to the lakeshore,” says Sally.

Local 3 reporter Korinne Griffith asked Sally her opinions on the common concern of the rising cost of living in Marquette. Davis acknowledged that it was something on her radar but she declined to comment on the topic.

Finally, Sally spoke about her stance on the environment.

“I’m very concerned about the environment,” adds Sally, “We knew that climate change was going to happen, I’m just surprised it’s happening within my lifetime. So I feel there’s a very urgent need to do those things. Every decision the commission makes needs to be considered in relation to the environment.”

To find more information on Sally Davis’ campaign or to contact her, you can visit her Facebook page or email her at

We will continue to have profile pieces on all the Marquette City Commission candidates, pending their availability and willingness to participate. Stay tuned to Local 3 News for more.

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