Marquette City PD’s new certified canine


MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Police Department is getting a new officer, but not the kind you may be thinking.

Charter Communications is making a donation to the Marquette City Police Department to help them buy a new police dog.

Jane Rhodes, Charter Communications says, “Canines play an important role in public safety in a number of different services they can provide, and what’s great as well not only for Marquette but for the Upper Peninsula as a whole. This is a resource that will support the entire U.P.”

The new pup’s name is Nitro and he will be helping out in some big ways.

Rhodes continues, “This dog will play a role in as far as narcotics work as well, to help eliminate drugs from the different neighborhoods and communities across the Upper Peninsula.”

Nitro will be taking the place of Scud who is retiring.

The Marquette City Commission also voted in favor of selling the former Cliff’s Dow Property.

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