MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – The Marquette County Commission met this evening in regular session with a full agenda of issues at hand.

One such issue deals with control of aggregate mining, commonly called gravel, and sand pits. the commission voted to send a formal Letter of Opposition to the state legislature, condemning House Bills that take away local control of such operations.

At issue, is the elimination of all local control of such operations. Under the three-bill package, no local regulations could apply to operational issues like hours of operation, truck routes, noise, dust control, and fencing to name a few. Marquette County Commissioner, Bill Nordeen believes local municipalities are far better suited to regulate such facilities.

“It’s again taking away some local control from counties and townships and cities and villages and giving it to the state of Michigan as it pertains to gravel and sand pits. So no, we were opposed to that. We think that we are in a better position we’re better situated the local municipalities to decide what’s right for there for them for those minutes, municipalities. You know, the state of Michigan likes to take away local control. And we don’t you know, we’re a long way from Lansing up here and we think that, again, we’re better situated to decide what’s right for our people in the Upper Peninsula.” Said, Nordeen.

Nordeen went on to say that the House needs to clarify what even qualifies as an aggregate mine.