Marquette County Road Commission decides upcoming yearly budget


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MARQUETTE COUNTY — The Marquette County Road Commission held a special meeting today to discuss the upcoming fiscal year budget.

New funds were introduced last year with the Gas and Weight tax. This year, Michigan will also be receiving additional funds for road maintenance.

However, even with the increase, not all projects are able to be covered in the new budget.

Jim Iwanicki, Engineer Manager, Marquette County Road Commission, explains, “Although there’s additional money in for roads in the state of Michigan, it’s not enough to do all that we need to do. Our needs are about 160 million dollars, if we were to fix all of the roads and bridges out there that are currently paved. That’s just to maintain and get up to a good condition, all the bridges and current paved roads. So there’s a lot of need out there.”

The upcoming budget will be about 16 million dollars in total and the revenue from the Gas and Weight tax will be nearly $8.7 million. 

This money is also needed for snow plowing and winter road maintenance. 

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