Marquette County Road Commission Engineer-Manager testifies before Congress


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The Engineer-Manager of the Marquette County Road Commission testified before Congress today about the red tape that can be involved in what some people might view as progress. 

Jim Iwanicki discussed the commission’s experience trying to win approval for building County Road 595. The Michigan DEQ was ready to issue a permit for County Road 595 pursuant to the Federal Cleaning Water Act. The EPA vetoed the state’s position and stopped the permit from being issued.

“That is why im testifying about a road that never was and council for the road commissions in federal court seeking the opportunity to challenge EPA’s veto,” Iwanicki said in his testimony. “Marquette County Road Commission: EPA’s veto has caused heavy truck traffic to be routed through populated areas of Marquette County, through a university campus, three cities and next to schools.”

Iwanicki goes on to say that the project recieved bipartisan support at the local, state and federal level.
He also says this would improve the ecomony through mining, logging, recreation and tourism. 

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