Marquette County Sheriff’s Office protects employees and inmates


MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WJMN) — Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is making sure that their employees and inmates stay safe during this pandemic.

In an enclosed location like the Marquette County Jail, it’s hard to follow the social distancing recommendations, but Sheriff Greg Zyburt has made impactful changes to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Well the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office are in pretty good shape as far as combating the spread of the virus,” said Sheriff Greg Zyburt, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office.

“Years ago we started with video visitation, that’s where people don’t even have to come in. They can from there phone or home computer, their able to visit with the prisoner. The other thing is the e-messaging is another thing where we’ve brought the technology here that helps where people don’t have to come in.”

The jail population has been down and Sheriff Zyburt plans to keep it that way.

“We’ve been working with the judges, the courts, the magistrates, and officers are now writing appearance tickets, instead of logging them. We are still lodging for aggressive or felonies or assaulting behaviors, drunk driving, and drug driving, that type of thing, but simple misdemeanors are given appearance tickets,” said Sheriff Zyburt.

Police stations around Marquette County have been made aware and have begun enforcing the appearance ticket order.

Inmates and employees of the Marquette County Jail have not tested positive for COVID-19, but the Sheriff’s Office is ready for if and when that changes.

“We have the Magnum Farm and what we do is have misdemeanor people who are on work release and non-aggressive, non-assaults of people out at that farm. We have a plan in place to separate that population if we get an overflow of people who are positive for the virus.”

Sheriff Zyburt said that they do not plan on taking any COVID-19 positive inmates from other jails around Michigan to keep their population safe and secure.

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