Marquette Mountain expands with new initiatives


MARQUETTE, Mich., (WJMN) – Marquette Mountain will begin hiring some new employees this summer and continue into the fall to help with their expansion to offer more activities.

Andrew Fallon, the general manager, says this is part of their initiative to become more of a four-season resort. Part of the additions will include adding glade skiing areas to some spots on the mountain. They will also be improving existing mountain bike trails and adding more.

“The mountain biking is going to be a big thing that we’re going to keep investing in to become more of a four-seasons resort here,” said Fallon. “So regarding the initiative, it’s going to be trail development, we’re going to start with more beginner trails because right now a lot of what we have is pretty advanced.”

Marquette Mountain already has 6 mountain-biking trails that were built mostly by volunteers. Fallon says last summer they converted from a chair lift operation to a shuttle service to the trails. This year they will be maintaining those trails and making safety improvements in anticipation for next spring.

Some of the work that needs to be done to prepare for these initiatives, is clearing small trees and brush both near mountain bike routes and glade areas. Fallon says the current areas that they hope to open up for skiing are too dense for skiers to currently use.

“With all the good snow we get and the advanced skiers that we seem to draw it’s really becoming a big offering that we can expand upon and invest in a little bit of labor and we can really open up our skiable acreage,” said Fallon.

Marquette Mountain’s initial push will be to add to these two activities, but Fallon says there may be more activities coming down the road. Fallon says the initiative is just the beginning of their goal for year-round operation and taking advantage of all parts of their property.

“If you don’t happen to be a skier or snowboarder, we really want you to have more opportunities such as the weddings and the volleyball league,” said Fallon. “But also maybe mountain biking, maybe like fall color tours, potentially some hiking, stargazing, geology events, there’s just so much potential here.”

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