Marquette Mountain’s newest owner speaks with Local 3


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — In his high school yearbook, Eric Jorgensen wrote that one day he wanted to own a ski resort and a few weeks ago, his dream came true.

Eric and his wife Sarah purchased Marquette Mountain from longtime owners Pete and Lois O’Dovero in mid-February, but that was never his plan.

“When this opportunity came up to me when Dave started to introduce me to Pete, I wasn’t looking for a hill or anything like that, that was not even on my radar screen, it was something that was obviously a deeply rooted passion from a long time ago,” said Jorgensen.

Eric has been coming to Marquette to ski ever since he was a teenager growing up in Wisconsin. His youngest daughter attends Northern Michigan University and their family has fallen in love with Marquette each and every time they visit.

When able to, the Jorgensen’s have big plans for Marquette Mountain, to make it a year-round resort.

“I think you’ll see that we’re gonna build additional activities outside the winter season and beyond and I know they’re doing more mountain biking and maybe more special events, things like that, but again, we have to figure out how all the cash flow works, so we can do this, kind of strategic. Make sure the business is sustainable and doesn’t get too far over its head too quickly,” said Jorgensen.

Andrew Faron, the General Manager of Marquette Mountain believes the Jorgensen’s will take the resort to the next level.

“I really do. I think someone like him with a lot of passion and a lot of business experience, a lot of taking companies that aren’t doing that well and turning them into very profitable companies that are his specialty, so I think his experience and passion together with Marquette Mountain and what we’ve already been able to do the last couple of years, I think we’re gonna give it the best shot we can and hopefully be successful here,” said Faron.

“My family is super excited,” said Jorgensen.

“I mean, it’s great. We’re super excited to be a bigger part of the community and to make a difference and hopefully build, allow more people to get jobs out there, more jobs that just go through a seasonal job. So, it’s going to be an incredible journey.”

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