Marquette’s “Emergency Decision” to help Lakeshore Boulevard


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) — On October 16th, a storm created severe erosion on Lake Superior, leading to the City Commission having to make an “Emergency Decision” to help prevent road closures this winter.

The City Commission voted last week to approve emergency work to armor the stormwater outlet near Lakeview Arena, as well as extending the shoreline more than 400 feet in both directions.

This project is expected to take about a month to complete according to Marquette City Manager Mike Angeli, but mainly because Smith Construction will only be able to fix about 50 feet at a time.

Mike Angeli, Manager, City of Marquette said, “It’s a situation where they need to get as much done as they can because of storms that normally occur in November because we think there will be more erosion if the storms occur. We also have a stormwater outlet there, just behind the Lakeview Arena, that we need to protect, which is about a $400,000 investment that we can’t lose right now.”

Over the years, the City of Marquette has done the same erosion construction at Presque Isle and near the Carp River.

“We’ve done work like this previously at Presque Isle just across from the pavilion, that was several years ago. We did it two years ago down by the mouth of the Carp River when we had some serious erosion from a storm. So we’ve had some experience in this and it’s held together pretty well,” said Angeli.

Angeli believes this will help prevent future road closures and provide the city with more time to look into a permanent fix.

“Well, I think it will be more permanent than not. The rocks or boulders that they’re using are large. They have been used in other areas in the city and they have been successful, so I am hopeful that it will last several years, which I think it will. There probably will need to be some level of more permanent fix in the future. I’m not sure yet what that is, but we’re hoping that it will last a while,” said Angeli.

Local 3’s Peter Curi spoke with one Marquette couple who were annoyed of yet another road closure, but happy that the city is making a change that will hopefully prevent this from occurring any more.

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