Marquette’s newest city commissioners


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN)- With 2,440 votes for Evan Bonsall and 1,463 votes for Andrew Lorinser, the two were elected to seats on the Marquette City Commission.

“You have to work for it,” said Lorinser. “You have to earn it. And it’s important not to miss a block. You gotta knock on that door and talk to people and engage with them.”

Lorinser won by only 20 more votes than Sandy Davis. Issues he says he’s ready to face as commissioner include tax on marijuana products, community development and affordable housing.

“And that includes the entire spectrum of affordable living in Marquette,” said Lorinser. “Utility rates, property taxes, sewage water rates. We want to make sure the burden is not exclusively on citizens to keep the city running.”

Lorinser says that he shares many of the same ideas as newly-elected Evan Bonsall as well.

“We have a lot of the same values and I think that we end up having some of the same solutions to some of the problems that we both see here in the city,” said Bonsall. “For me, it’s just first and foremost looking at the evidence and data and what that’s telling us and also listening to what the people of Marquette are telling us. There are a lot of things about the rising cost of housing in the city, the way people are being impacted negatively by rapidly rising utility rates here in the city. I heard about people’s concerns about lakeshore development and about preserving our lakeshore and our trails and our forestland and other unique assets that we have here in the city.”

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