Mating season makes for some unpredictable deer


GREEN BAY, Wisc. (WFRV) – Mating season is on for Wisconsin’s deer population and that means they will be more unpredictable.
It’s also the peak time of the year for deer-related car accidents.

“They’re thinking about one thing and it’s not avoiding cars at that time,” said Mark Williams, owner of Williams Auto Body Shop.

They are in ‘rut’–or mating season.
This means they will be out at all times of the day, and become more oblivious to cars than they already were.

“We do see a lot more deer accidents that are coming in daily,” he said.

Williams Auto Shop in Ashwaubenon sees a spike in business during rut as drivers intercept the season of love with 4,000 lbs of steel.

“There’s one, two, three cars that we have in here at any one time that are the direct result of a deer hit,” he said.

In most deer hits, you’re going to need to replace at least one of your headlights. And today, they can end up causing quite the impact toward the repair bill with some of them costing as much as $1,500.

Headlights, electronics and drills and stuff are getting very, very expensive on cars these days,” he said. “Fenders are the least amount of cost compared to some of the other stuff.”

There are close to 2-million deer in the state, so a close-call can happen at any time.

“Whatever you do, don’t swerve to miss the deer and go off the road,” said Williams. “Because that’s going to cause more damage and have more chance of hurting yourself by going off the road and missing that deer.”

So whenever you’re not thinking of the Packers, you should probably be thinking about deer.
Mating season is expected to continue for the next couple of weeks.

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