Meals-to-You program provides meals to rural students who qualify for free, reduced lunches


MICHIGAN (WJMN) – School districts in the Upper Peninsula have the opportunity to provide free meals to its students through the Meals-to-You program.

With millions of students displaced from school as a result of the pandemic, PepsiCo is collaborating with the USDA and the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty to deliver meals directly to students across Michigan and the country.

“Hunger and the lack of nutrition are more urgent now than ever in our country. 54 million children in school every day, out of that 54 million, 22 million [students] need some sort of assistance, meal assistance. That’s a big number,” said Doug Hargis, the senior manager for PepsiCo Foundation’s Food for Good.

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches are eligible for the program. The meal boxes consist of 20 shelf-stable meals – ten breakfasts and ten lunches – containing items such as milk, fruit cups, cereal, whole-grain crackers, and chili.

The boxes are delivered to the student’s homes every two weeks during the summer.

Meals-to-You is working with school districts to identify potential participants for the program. U.P. school districts in Marquette, Au Train, and Rapid River are just some of the schools already signed up.

If you know a school district that might be interested in signing up its students for the program, you can visit

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