Medical Marijuana is coming to Marquette County


NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP — As you drive north down US-41 towards Negaunee, you may have noticed a red house being renovated off Heritage Drive.

The Negaunee Township is waiting on the state to approve the first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Marquette County.

Nick Leach, Negaunee Township Manager: “We started down this Medical Marijuana road back in 2016, we held a couple of public forums in the gym and we had a pretty good turn out, we had something like 50 people in attendance. Everyone that spoke, spoke of the importance to them of Medical Marijuana and being able to find it and their number one theme was consistency.”

Township Manager Nick Leach says people from other places in the county are looking at what Negaunee is doing. He believes they’ve made the right decision in going forward.

“The township evaluated the comments from the hearing, as well as, a lot of state literature, a lot of information from MSU extension and ultimately recommended to the board that allowing for Medical Marijuana facility was in the interest of the town for making sure that we had a handle on the way that this was going to work,” said Leach.

The township believes joining this multi-billion dollar industry will benefit everyone living there.

“So under the 2016 law, there was a profit-sharing structure, so a portion of the taxation in sales for the license facilities do go back to the community and the community may reinvest that in ways that it sees fit to better suit their residents and their community,” said Leach.

The red house off Heritage Drive and US-41 will be called “The Fire Station.” It will not be the only Medical Marijuana Dispensary coming to Marquette County.

As of Tuesday, the Negaunee Township Zoning Committee approved a second Medical Marijuana Dispensary, which will be near Marquette Powersports and Icon Signs.

While the township says there is no timeline, I talked with the owners of the fire station who say they are hoping to be open by October.

For more information on The Fire Station, click here.

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