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Continued dry conditions across the Upper Peninsula have created ‘open burning’ restrictions in some areas. 

While a burn permit is not required for cooking or recreational campfires, there are circumstances in which burning is allowed – with caution:

1—In areas where burning is not prohibited by local ordinances or air quality laws, a permit is not needed if there is continuous snow cover on the ground.

2—When burning household paper materials in a covered metal or masonry container with openings no larger than ¾ inches.

3—Never burn demolition debris, construction materials, automotive parts, or household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materials. Learn more about open burning from DEQ


Local ordinances may apply:

  • Check with your local city, township or village officials before lighting your fire. If no local ordinances are in effect, state law: 

–Allows burning grass and leaves in municipalities with populations less than 7,500 unless prohibited by local ordinance.

  • –Prohibits burning any yard debris within 1,400 feet of an incorporated city or village limit under DEQ air quality rules.
1.   Brown indicates open debris burning is not permitted anywhere within the county.
2.   Green indicates open burning is permitted and debris fires are allowed if proper precautions are taken.
3.   Orange indicates there are burn permit restrictions in effect for that county. Select your county for information on what restrictions are in place.
4.   Gray indicates burn permits are not issued electronically. Select the county for information on where to call for burn permit information.
Click to select the county in which you intend to burn before lighting any open debris fire. Daily information will appear providing details about the availability, restrictions and local information on Burn Permits for each township.
If “YES” appears in the Burning Permits Issued column you are authorized to burn today.
If “NO” appears in the Burning Permits Issued column, “NO” open debris burning is allowed for that location at this time. You will be in violation of state law if you burn debris without a permit.

  Click here for the most current information about conditions.

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